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Have your bathroom arrived? Combining style with substance, form with function, Roca’s new range of sanitary wares are sure to change the way you think bathroom. Brought in by Sim Siang Choon (S) Pte Ltd, Roca is an international brand that manufactures in all continents and operates in more than fifty countries all over the world. Founded in 1917, it has over three quarters of a centuries’ experience. Roca’s design ethos is based on creativity with technology.

Quality in manufacturing and technological excellence applied to water conservation distinguishes Roca from the rest. It is no wonder that this multinational company for whom design and quality are paramount, makes for bathrooms that are globally recognised as leaders in the bathroom market. Once again, Roca has newly engineered a new series of sanitary wares with breakthrough designs that will thoroughly wow the senses. Aptly termed as ‘evolucion’, the moment this series hit the Singapore market, it has received tremendous popularity and positive feedback from consumers. Roca is available at Sim Siang Choon, so do hurry down for the latest in bathroom design and technology!

Happening: It’s a stately monument. A testament to simplicity, to cleanliness, to all things pristine.

Happening + Atai: The ability to blend and look naturally great in a myriad of design environment is strength.

Frontalis: Roca’s immaculate collection of heavenly whites spells luxury to every bathroom.


Mohave + Atai: Roca: has always understood that a bathroom is more than a practical necessity. How it looks and how it makes you feel is absolutely vital. Designed with the future in mind, the trend never dates out on Roca. Hall + Targa: Today, the bathroom can become a blissful sanctuary; a place to lock the door and stop the world. Match sanitary wares with pinewood cabinetry results in a natural sanctuary that truly bedazzles the senses.

Hall: Contemporary design of high functionality and compact in size, Roca's HALL suite, designed by Ramon Benedito, is intended to help solve the space issues in compact bathrooms without compromising on style. Of soft and elegant lines, each of the pieces of the series is created to join without neglecting the comfort during the use.



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