Slamp - Italian Lighting Set To Occupy Singapore Homes

Slamp first took off in 1994, when Roberto Ziliani decided to create something entirely new in the Italian design world, uniting some of the top international designers such as Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro and Munari: together, they created the “Slamp Tube” in its range of graphic versions. This was the start of a bright, creative new firm, free to experiment, free to dare, free even to remain accessible to everyone.

Over the years, Slamp has become an authentic guiding light for all top level designers looking for somewhere to express their innovative and visionary energy, certain of being able to match themselves against the most famous names and products: this is the context in which Nigel Coates took over the Creative Direction of Slamp in 2007, launching a process that has seen Slamp become one of the most representative brands in the world of decorative lighting design.

Nearly 20 years later, with distribution channels in 80 countries worldwide and the collaboration of new international designers such as starchitect Zaha Hadid, Slamp remains faithful to its core values: the curiosity for new materials and experimentation, the ability to be led by instinct, which is the youngest and most creative force of all, and the pleasure of providing anyone with a refined, functional item of design.

FLORA, design by Zanini de Zanine

Flora Family on black

With its delicate, fascinating design, Flora evokes the warmth of the sun reflected on a transparent dandelion of glass. Its 60 petals, inspired by the leaves of Monstera and the luxurious vegetation in South America, are elegantly arranged around an emerald sphere that emits a gentle, reassuring light. The petals are a technological magic made of Lentiflex®, a techno-polymer patented by Slamp capable of creating a prism effect thanks to its double Fresnel lens, while the central sphere has a satin-finish to improve its light emission, and an anti-UV treatment to protect its colouring. Flora is available in three sizes: small (Ø 33cm with one light source), medium (53cm with 3 light sources) and Triple (Ø 33 by h 83cm). You can also choose from 4 different colours: the cleanliness of white, a mysterious purple, a tranquil blue and a warm yellow.

ARIA, design by Zaha Hadid


Aria is a lamp designed by Zaha Hadid which combines dramatic architectural features with the intrinsic weightlessness of the materials, creating a sculpture of light and technology that fascinates and enchants observers. The 50 individual layers of Cristalflex® (a techno-polymer patented by Slamp) work together to make Aria seem as if is about to take flight, characterised by complex yet harmonic forms that embrace the light source in a veiled breath. The large lamp is formed of a central structure capable of flooding the entire room with light, thanks to 6 light sources and a spotlight directed downwards. With an 90 cm diameter and 130 cm high, Aria enhances any space, rendering it luxurious without losing any of its contemporary style. The elegant black veiled finish lends a touch of mystery and seduction.

CLIZIA, design by Adriano Rachele

Clizia Family on black

A name which evokes far-off queens, heavenly bodies and above all, the nymph who fell in love with the sun, whose light she will follow for eternity: this is the essence of Clizia. From today, however, Clizia is also the new collection of lamps designed by Adriano Rachele, who skilfully combines gossamer-thin squares of Opalflex®, almost “sewing” them together, to create new forms. This union, made possible by a subtle play of skill and style, creates linear yet irregular, sinuous, soft and absolutely fascinating geometric forms. Clizia, available both as a ceiling/wall or a suspension light, measures Ø 55cm and is designed in 4 different colours: red, blue, purple and white. Each colour is obtained by blending 3 shades of the same tone, making Clizia ideal for any setting in the home.

ÉTOILE, design by Adriano Rachele



Light and seductive, this lamp appears to dance on a stage of light. Adriano Rachele’s design is inspired by the skirt of a ballerina, lifting and folding as she dances, creating perfect sense of balance that fascinates observers. Completely constructed in Lentiflex®, it is characterised by a fluid, soft and harmonious design. Inside, it contains very powerful LED lights: some directed upwards, creating a relaxing atmosphere and diffusing the whole space with light; others are arranged in the centre, making all the surfaces shine and creating suggestive reflections between the folds, lending a soft, prismatic effect thanks to the Fresnel effect; still more are directed downwards, to light up a table or furnishing below. The light is available in two sizes: one smaller size, ideal for enhancing a home setting, the other larger, designed for spaces requiring a stronger, yet perfectly balanced, dramatic impact.

ILLUMINATI, design by Nigel Coates

Cuore-Illuminati on black

Donna-Illuminati on black

For Nigel Coates, light is an art form: starting from this concept, the designer reinterprets ancestral symbols in a perfectly contemporary style, drawing them from the mists of time into the light of modern-day innovation. This is the origin of the Illuminati collection, a series of lamps in varnished Plainflex® in colours that refer to a very precise universal meaning: Cuore, in a deep crimson red, is a metaphor for loyalty, devotion and passion; Uomo is bronze, indicating ambition, strength and value; Donna is gold: precious source of life. The lamps focus on the concept of a couple, the symbol of union and complicity, an act of love from which everything else originates. These dream-like, visionary works succeed in linking remote allegories to advanced technology through a magic play of lights and shadows created with LED lights, lending a touch of mystery and modernity to an intimate setting. Every time you turn them on, these creations renew a promise of reciprocal faithfulness.

CROCCO, design by Nigel Coates

Crocco Sky

With the Crocco collection, short for crocodile, Nigel Coates plays with light in a visionary and innovative way. Created in a wall-mounted versions, the lamp is formed of a polished steel base and a brightly-coloured printed Lentiflex® shade, making its sinuous shape even more striking. Crocco is available in a range of colours and 3 sizes: placed on a single wall, it creates an original look with unexpected forms. The LED lighting, providing around 1,000 lumen of light in the smallest version and up to 1,500 in the largest, makes this an ideal solution for spaces which need a touch of originality, innovation and contemporary style in lighting. Crocco is not only capable of lighting up a room in a surprising way, with its unexpected and daring look, but of completely redesigning the setting.

AVIA, design by Zaha Hadid

Avia White


Avia Black

Avia combines the majesty of great architecture with a lamp for day-to-day use, perfectly integrating large volumes with advanced lighting techniques and technology. To give shape to such an ambitious project the designer used 52 different layers of Opalflex®, a techno-polymer patented by Slamp, creating an effect of fluidity, dynamism and harmony resulting in a perfect architectural form that gently embraces the light source. Avia captures the gaze of anyone who draws near, offering constantly changing perspectives and reflections, transforming itself from a simple light source into a genuine sculpture to be admired, making any space more suggestive. The central structure is capable of providing 360 degrees light, thanks to its numerous light sources and a downwards-facing spotlight. The lamp is available in 4 different sizes, making it capable of adapting to any kind of space: two smaller sizes, ideal for use at home and two larger versions for enhancing large-sized spaces. Two colour tones are available: the uncontaminated purity of total white and the absolute elegance of total black.


SLAMP is available in Singapore at:

#02-15 Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6732 7362

The Design Store by Lifestorey
16 Tai Seng Street #01-00/A
Singapore 534138
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