Buckets of Fame - New Washbasins from Scarabeo

Scarabeo, the infamous maker of quality Italian sanitary fittings, never fails to create a milestone frequently in the Home and Interior Design industry. This time they have done it again with the launch of their new Bucket series.

Designed by Giovanna Talocci, this Bucket line distinguishes itself by its shape; bring to mind just the bucket in different sizes and decorations. This object symbolizes like a ‘game’ and the simplicity of turning it into a washbasin. One of the most unique part of this washbasin is that the handle acts as a toilet rail, making it convenient and stylish as well for the consumer.


Thanks to the wide offering of various decorations, from pure white to geometric, evocative or ironic decorations (eg. Birds sitting on the railing), it is ideal for those who love to be daring, and create a unique bathroom they can call their own. Scarabeo’s elegant, functional washbasins in many different models, have been stealing the scene since 1974.


One of Scarabeo’s main strength is to characterize the firm to constantly develop new ideas and ability to evolve in line with changing market demands. It is precisely this on- going evolution that brought the idea to present, in the last few years, the new ranges of vanity units which now form an extensive range that is being added to all the time. With the ever changing market demands, Scarabeo always position themselves to concentrate more on creating quality and unique products than to do on large quantities. Scarabeo's unique ranges are 100% manufactured in Italy



Scarabeo is available at Sansei Singapura:

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462 Tagore Industrial Avenue, Singapore 787831
Tel: (65) 6292 8321
Fax: (65) 6292 4520



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