Latest Innovative Ovens From Teka With Hydroclean Function

90 years of experience in providing quality kitchen systems, Teka continues to dominate the market with new and technologically-advanced products.

Teka’s new HL series of ovens feature the Hydroclean function that makes cleaning a breeze. This system takes a shorter time of 24 minutes, as compared with the old way pyro-system which can take up to three hours; the Hydroclean function also uses less energy, as the oven does not need to heat up to 480oC but only at max 60oC. The basis of how this function works lie in the micro-structure of the oven’s enamel surface called the Lotus Effect, which is developed based on the structure found on leaves of lotus plants. In the Lotus Effect, water forms droplets on the tips of the epidermal protrusions and collects pollutants, dirt and small insects as it rolls off the leaf.

In the TEKA Hydroclean function, water evaporates from the oven soil and is condensed on the cold cavity walls. Water steam, together with the excellent properties of the TEKA Hydroclean enamel, make grease and other dirt on the oven walls easily removable, when the oven is cooled. After the dirt is cleaned off, the oven wall becomes absolutely clean, with no need for the use of any anti-grease product.


 Apart from the obvious advantage that your oven is freshly cleaned after each use, the TEKA Hydroclean function do not need high temperatures like the old ways, thus saving energy, and also takes up less time cleaning. 











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