Moretti Italia- More than just Chic Furniture

Moretti Italia is inspired by the world famous the Italian Renaissance, a period where some of the greatest works of art, architecture, sculpture and music was born.

It is a period where some of the greatest artworks the world has ever seen in the area of Arts, Architecture, Sculpture and Music.

Originating from Bari, Southern Italy. Moretti is a true blue Italian brand that was conceived and created by Moretti Design Studio (MDS). MDS comprises a team of highly skilled professional sofa designers, artisans and engineers of international status with proven track records.

Designed with today’s new generation in mind, Moretti is for people with discerning taste and lifestyle. Acknowledging modern society's appetite for excellent design, Furniture Club has made Moretti Italia available in Singapore to make sure that no homeowner gets left out in the pursuit for the perfect home decoration and comfort.

"Contemporary sophistication in simplicity" is the brand's design philosophy, coupled with its renowned 'attention-to-detail' design process. Both factors featured strongly in its exquisite range of leather sofas which is designed and produced for international markets. Each and every design is carefully conceived through extensive research and studies with the ultimate objective of providing the most luxurious sofas in the living room.

Representing the epitome of European design excellence, Moretti is a brand of good statue that aims to spearhead the design revolution of the new era.

Paving the way for more innovation in the new frontier of sofa designing and manufacturing, it is indeed a name that commands respect. Moretti is synonymous with good design, comfort and quality, above all better value.


Some hot picks from the collection:


With its design originating from Bari, Italy, the Tuscany paints an exceptionally appealing visual brush on all who sits on it. A tough wooden frame is made to withstand extreme loads much like the resilient mind of the power-packed individual who had made this the sofa of choice. The high density polyurethane foam back, seat and armrests is accompanied by slipcovers for its seat, back and pillow cushion to ensure this piece will endure the test of time.



Onatello is the true mark of regality and authority. The primary focus of this well-designed piece is it's structure. With its plywood load-bearing frame and seats made with high density polyurethane, a firm support is achieved. A wooden tray alongside the armrest provides the convenience of placing your favourite beverages and books in the absence of a coffee table. Different options of genuine leather upholstery ensures that it blends in well into the interior design of your home wholesomely.



Comfort – that is what Marina is about. Carefully designed by Moretti Design Studio, the adjustable backrest reclining at different position alters not only the posture, but also its looks. Like the other good Moretti sofas, the genuine leather upholstery comes in several finishes, accompanied by a structurally sound design with a steel base and wooden internal frame that puts your mind at ease.


Moretti Italia furniture range is available exclusively at FC Furniture Club:








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