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Today’s world is one that is vastly different from that of a decade ago, the accelerated pace of change that has swept one and all up in it has left people with little time for themselves. Hence, the importance of building a sanctuary in the home has never been of higher importance, Sansei Singapura believes it begins in the bathroom, where it still remains a fiercely private domain within the realm of home interior design. With the introduction of Knief’s new Aqua Plus® standing bathtubs collection into their array of premium sanitary fittings and wares, it is a testament to their belief that one’s individuality can be further expressed and their bathroom experience enhanced.
Venice black
Venice Black
Spearheading Sansei Singapura’s Knief collection is the Venice Black. Comprising of sensuous curves in its design and black ceramic of the highest quality, its appeal is that of primal elegance. Where sensuous curves are noticeable yet not loud and an air of mystery shrouds it, what could this experience so mundane bring that is novel? Knief’s ergonomic design ensures that the bath experience is more than just pleasing on the eyes. From the moment the first step is taken into the bathroom, the bath becomes an experience. Sensuous, alluring and mysterious, Knief’s Venice Black.
Lounge 1
While the Venice Black boasts a sensual experience that could be argued to appeal to what is predominantly primal, Knief’s Lounge offers a different perspective on the bath. With clean lines of design that mixes both curves and straight lines, slightly raised from the ground, constructed with quality pure white ceramic, the Lounge oozes pure design elegance, showing the elevation of the bath from a cleansing and purifying ritual to a beauty routine. Just like any other Knief bathtub, there is the ergonomic element in the Lounge. The bath with the Lounge becomes comfortable, beautifying and purifying.
Form 1
Last but not least, Sansei Singapura presents the Form from Knief’s Aqua Plus collection, which marries the two different modern takes on the bath by Knief. Plausibly, the Form with the use of both curves and straight lines like the Lounge and white ceramic construction exudes the same beauty and elegance. However, with a base that is flushed with the ground just like the Venice Black, there is added charm to its design, a sense of permanence in whatever position it may be placed. Hence, while it may appear as a hybrid of the two above mentioned, delving deeper into its form only illustrates another take by Knief on the bath, its permanence. Therefore, making the Form a silent charmer in Sansei Singapura’s Knief collection.
About KNEIF & CO. GmbH
Founded in the year 1979 as an export & import trading company, KNIEF & CO. GmbH focuses on business relations in Europe, all Asia, North & South America, Middle East, and Africa. They are specialized today in selected products for the building industry, offering today a product portfolio, which reflects their efficiency. Of our main concern, their large production of free standing bath tubs, entirely made in Europe of high-quality Lucite® sanitary acryl with all necessary accessories and Spas (Whirlsystems), organized in accordance with the strictest Q.C. standards and -systems, as well as other bath equipment products (registered trade marks: AquaPlus, AquaSpa, AquaTecc, AquaFloat). All bathtub models are under EU "CE-Design" protection.
Knief & CO.GmbH is available at Sansei Singapura:
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Tel: (65) 6292 8321
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