Journey East presents the Ke'liling Collection - Paintings, Lighting & Ornaments

Vibrancy like we have never seen.

Before you start goggling the word ‘Ke’liling’, it simply means ‘discovery through life’.


Made available through a careful selection process at Journey East, the Ke'liling collection is a kaleidoscope of colour and culture as vibrant as life itself. Accumulated through the journeys of travel and friendship, the Ke'liling collection comprises of diverse rare finds from around the world ranging from handcrafted Japanese jewellery, rambunctious French paintings, to vintage colonial lamps. Some of the items you can find in the collection include:



Paintings – Originating from Belgium and France, the colourful paintings cover subjects such as whimsical-looking dogs, birds of paradise and bright florals; in both mixed media as well as oil on canvas.







Lighting – The lights in the Ke’liling collection range from original vintage colonial lamps from the early 1900s, to steel replicas of industrial film studio spotlights from Belgium.









Phu Hiep – Handcrafted Japanese jewellery with a social enterprise. Phu Hiep is a Japanese fair-trade organization that seeks to help the disadvantaged children of Hue City (Vietnam). All material and designs originate from Japan, and the finished products are hand-made by Hue City community members, with training and support provided by Phu Hiep. Sales proceeds go to community development programs like childrens’ education and immunization, as well as micro-credit loans to adults. (More at




Ke'liling is exclusively available at Journey East:


315 Outram Road #03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building Singapore 169074
Tel: 65 6473 1693



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