Valcucine Introduces Meccanica - Designer Kitchens with a Conscience

Environmental-friendly yet uncompromising in quality.

The widespread trend towards eco-sustainability results in the construction of eco-chic products that are totally in contrast with the economical possibilities of young people: This project aims at solving this problem by giving people the possibility of purchasing an eco-compatible product at a sustainable price.

Meccanica is a revolutionary eco-sustainable kitchen system both in terms of its construction and of its price: a really democratic modern design product.



To achieve these results demode (engineered by Valcucine) has reinvented the kitchen furniture system by working on the utmost simplification of the carcass: a set of iron tubes that can be easily assembled by the customer make up the framework of the Meccanica furniture. Cancer-inducing emissions of formaldehyde are avoided because no glues are used.

The system has been conceived to achieve utmost dematerialisation thanks to the fact that it can be planned without side panels and without doors to obtain a completely naked carcass using the smallest possible quantity of material. Storage has been made-over aesthetical and practically thanks to the possibility of adding visible shelves and jumbo drawers. The system can also be added to and developed at a later date.



Meccanica is also available with a special worktop in RE-Y-STONE®, a bi-composite material made of recycled used paper and natural resin, derived from the fibrous by-products left over from the grinding and pressing of sugar cane. The fibrous material, as well as the resin matrix, derive from renewable vegetable materials which means that there is no direct dependence from fossils or non-renewable resources (petrol, natural gas).

Thanks to its extreme flexibility and customisation possibilities various areas in the home can be furnished with Meccanica including: the kitchen, the living area, the laundry room and the most informal rooms.



Meccanica has been designed to be 90% reused and 100% recycled and, thanks to Valcucine’s Life-long responsibility Guarantee, the company ensures that it will take the kitchen back at the end of its life cycle thus completely eliminating waste.


1. Dismantling ease

Meccanica’s framework system has been designed to be easy to dismantle at the end of its life-cycle, for future reconditioning or recycling, or during its life-cycle so that it can be moved to a different place.

2. 100% Recyclable - 90% Reusable

All the Meccanica base unit frames are in iron, a material that is 100% recyclable, The company makes a commitment to recover the product at the end of its life-cycle according to its end of life-cycle take-back guarantee. We think we will be able to restore 90% of the product. All the frames are sanded down and lacquered to be used as new again.

3. No glues

Thanks to the sole presence of mechanical joints we exclude the use of glues and reduce formaldehyde emissions to zero.

4. Long technical and aesthetic life

The fact that the product can be extremely customised, recomposed and is flexible guarantees its long life.

5. Customisation

All the door types belonging to the Meccanica system (in wood, metal and covered with removable fabric) can be customised in various colours and mixed with various aesthetic solutions. In addition to the standard versions, even the frames can be lacquered according to the customer's sample on request.

6. Flat transport, minimal packaging, easy to move.

7. Can be assembled by the end user

Purchase costs can be further reduced if the end user chooses to assemble the units by himself. As a matter of fact, demode offers two price bands, a more expensive one that includes assembly and a less expensive one that excludes it.

8. Absolute resistance to heat and water

The metal and the fabrics used for the doors, the multilayer wood of the worktops and doors and the laminate layered throughout its thickness of the worktops guarantee absolute resistance to steam, water and heat, ensuring a long technical and aesthetic life to the kitchen. The iron is subjected to a cataphoresis treatment like the one used in the car industry to offer the most reliable rust-prevention guarantee.

9. Dematerialisation and lightness

The Meccanica system has been conceived to be constructed around the absence of matter, on empty spaces; in fact, it has been designed using only shelves and jumbo drawers to achieve a light and modern style of furniture thanks to dematerialisation. Even the innovative fabric and metal doors are dematerialised thanks to their very slim panels and to the materials used: a frame faced with elastic fabric, a few tenths of a millimetre thick for the former, and 1mm thick panel for the latter.

Thirty spokes meet at the hub, but it is the central hole that makes the wheel useful. We form clay to make a pot, but it is the empty space in the middle that makes the pot useful. We cut out empty spaces for doors and windows in the walls of a room, these opening make a room useful.

Therefore, full matter has its function, but essential usefulness is afforded by empty spaces. (Lao Tzu)

Engineered by Valcucine
Designed by Gabriele Centazzo

Meccanica is exclusive to Hugo Kitchen:



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