Teka - Undisputed German reliability and style for all your kitchen needs!

With a history of more than a century, global brand Teka is renowned today for its quality equipment and appliances for both residential and commercial sectors. Banking on a long history of expanding technological and manufacturing know-how, Teka is a comprehensive manufacturer that reaches out to users in over 120 countries.

Like all German engineering, Teka has a reputation deep rooted in reliability, technological advancement and extremely high levels of quality. This applies to their comprehensive range of kitchen appliances which includes hobs, sinks, bathroom sanitary systems, as well as containers for commercial use. With production facilities stretching worldwide, Teka provide state-of-the art products matched with impeccable service at its various points of sale around the world.

Teka has made an impactful presence in Singapore since 1994, becoming the top choice of all things kitchen for the discerning homeowners. Whether you are seeking sleek built-in appliances for the kitchen or smart designs for the bathroom, you can be sure that Teka is all you will ever need. At the Teka showroom in Singapore. expect top-notch service with attentive and knowledgeable staff to guide you in making all the right choices for your home.




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