Marquis@QSquare strengthens its repertoire with Visionnaire

Another established Italian marque joins the line-up!

Marquis@QSquare strengthens its repertoire with Visionnaire – an established Italian marque famous for its grandiose but modern interpretations of classical furniture.

Successful Beginnings

Since 1993, Marquis is recognised as one of Singapore’s most prestigious luxury furniture retailers. Its team of experienced design personnel with strong premium interior background, have helped the company to progress and move with the times and trends.

2006, was a groundbreaking year for Marquis. It opened the mono-brand Minotti store which was cheered and revered by local architects and interior designers. The brand offers contemporary Italian furniture created and coordinated by renowned architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni. From lighting, to furniture and even accessories, Minotti is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, fine craftsmanship and “Made in Italy” philosophy.

Adding another feather to its cap, Marquis opened Marquis@Square located at 16 Tai Seng Street with a big bang in Jan 2009 This 20,000-square-foot one-stop-shop showcases some of Italy’s most respectable furniture brands – MisuraEmme, Emu, Meridiani, Porada and Cierre.

MisuraEmme specialises in shelving and cabinetry and is cleverly conceived and designed by renowned architect Mauro Lipparini. Emu is regarded as one of Italy’s most famous outdoor furniture brands where it collaborates with illustrious designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Christopher Pillet and Jean-Marie Massaud. The subtle elegance of Meridiani, which prides as a furniture brand selling ambiences, is helmed by its creative director Andrea Parisio, perennially remains a firm favourite with interior decorators and distinguished architects. Porada’s elegant, wood-carved furniture and leather furniture specialist Cierre, are also some of Italy’s well-loved brands. But Marquis also triumphs in the hospitality sector and high-end contract market. The company is able to source and make recommendations for the best furniture, lighting and accessories from Italy and some parts of Europe such as Belgium and Denmark.

Another Milestone

As a company, Marquis always had vision to stay ahead of the game. Its broad repertoire of contemporary Italian furniture brands was not enough.

In order to diversify and reach out to a well-heeled audience, Marquis decided to add a ‘spark’ to its reputable portfolio – the Visionnaire Collection. Jean Wee, Group CEO of Marquis Furniture Gallery Pte Ltd, shares, “It’s our proudest moment to date. Visionnaire Collection is part of the prestigious IPE Cavalli brand that has 50 years of history in design. We will embark on a 3,000-square-foot space at Marquis@QSquare to cater to Singapore’s rising demand for classical furniture with a contemporary edge. This total one-stop furnishing solution will sate the whims of discerning homeowners in Singapore and the region. Visionnaire Collection promises furniture, lighting, accessories, carpets, wallpaper, bedlinen and even solutions for the bathroom and kitchen. In our rigorous research and analysis of market needs, we believe the time is right for such a preeminent Italian brand to make its presence here.”

The Visionnaire Collection promises furniture to wow your senses: think bold ornamentations such as leather, velvet, crystal, croc and eel skin, furniture from a lost paradise or a fantasy, leviathan-sized lightings and floor-standing vases… the collection is best left for you to visualise and experience at Marquis@QSquare. And don’t worry if you have too many choices to make. Marquis will provide a team of stylists at hand to assist in you in styling and decorating your home.




Pride of Italy - How two brothers’ singular dream became a reality People in the 1960s had very big dreams to make the world become a better place. But it was also a time where challenges and tribulations abound. However, one such company – IPE Cavalli – took its dreams by the reins and steered it to become one of Italy’s most successful furniture companies. Founded in 1958, this company’s philosophy was built upon its principle of “Made in Italy”.

Brothers Vittorio and Pompeo Cavalli were passionate individuals who shared the kindred spirit to create furniture pieces that were not dictated by preconceptions, policies and impositions. Their sole purpose was to create a company to be a forerunner in its field – offer the best industralised processes in order to create striking, creative and one-of-a-kind furniture. The Cavallis believed that every piece that left their factory had to incorporate comfort and innovation, and they wanted the consumer to feel the passion, creativity and emotions poured into each of these creations. The brothers also firmly believed the quote of a certain well-known writer, “…imagination is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled.” And it is this belief that one can truly understand the deep passion and thought that goes into creating a Visionnaire piece.

Today, under the IPE Cavalli group, Visionnaire produces and sells in over 60 countries across the globe. In a nutshell, Visionnaire is a furniture collection that evokes lost paradises, dreams and desires. Think palatial residences with grand, sweeping staircases; where lofty abodes are festooned with sparkling, gargantuan chandeliers, while sprawling rooms are furnished with plush, high-back settees upholstered in premium fabrics. These pieces offer a classical slant with a touch of modernity – think armchairs with glossy black spindle legs and upholstered in resplendent brocade, dazzling embroidered fabrics, or exquisite chintz. Visionnaire truly believes that furniture can create an entirely new atmosphere in your prized home. That’s why the company believes in refinement and sophistication in materials: the combination of shiny lacquered surfaces of glass, high-grade polished stainless steel, soft velvet, semiprecious stones, crystals, to name a few.

As owner Luigi Cavalli of IPE Cavalli emphasises, “Visionnaire is a mix of many materials and various styles but also offers new sensations and responds to a need for a different system of furnishing compared to the past. Therefore, every object that you see in a Visionnaire-styled home, will make every thing else that you have seen seem old and dated.”

With the rise of affluent individuals and conspicuous consumption, Visionnaire’s collection will truly meet the needs of discerning individuals who crave for something out of the ordinary but desire a touch of exclusivity and style.


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