The Cove Living Collection by OM Furniture

Unmistakably European Fashion

We often look to the West for some luxurious inspiration. We think of the grand palazzos in Italy, the regal palaces in France, the cavernous halls of British castles and the expansive living areas founds in large estate homes of Spain. Thankfully, you can look to Singapore for a dose of European glamour with OM's latest range of furniture. These refined pieces conjure the dreams of living the occidental luxury life and with their subtle, elegant forms you are sure to find a piece to suit your contemporary living style.

Living a Dream

Understandably, the elite live on Sentosa island – a venue primed for the international jet set. There are architecturally-arresting homes offering sylvan views and oceanic vistas and boating services to sate sea-faring adventures. Owning a property on Sentosa makes your dwelling seem like a home away from home, and it's no wonder it has become a magnet for the well-heeled to enjoy life's pleasures. It's also no surprise that 'Cove Living' was coined from the blessed denizens living on idyllic Sentosa that is a stone's throw away from bustling Singapore. The concept of ‘Cove Living’ conjures imagery and aspirations of waterfront living along the French Riviera or even the bucolic lifestyle south of Italy.

Easy Emulation

Emulating a lifestyle is in the mindset of many homeowners. Some want a 'Manhattan' loft while others opt for a habitat that takes its inspiration from a secluded Bali villa surrounded by lush greenery. The modernist might seek out a pad that epitomises contemporary high-rise living. It is innate in humans that we are drawn to emulate a certain lifestyle because we want to pursue the finer things in life. While one may not have the expansiveness and grandiosity of a Sentosa Cove home, one can certainly create a posh interior with some of OM's latest novelties from the Cove Living Collection. From sofas to dining chairs and even dining tables, these objects are the perfect candidates to create a homely ambience akin to owning a pad on Sentosa Cove.

Without a doubt, OM furniture’s latest collection underpins the brand’s philosophy for simplicity, functionality and comfort. OM strives to interpret classic European themes with contemporary style – an irrefutable blend that remains evergreen. The furniture brand is constantly developing new products that are in tandem with trends and customers' tastes. OM's Cove Living furniture range is certainly abiding by the adage, "Strike while the iron is hot". By riding on this nascent trend, the brand is poised to reach out to many homeowners who desire this sophisticated look without breaking the bank. So whichever piece you choose, there is a distinguished style and identity that leaves space for every individual’s interpretation. The versatility of each piece gives you freeplay to create your design language at home.

The Cove Living Collection

Each of OM’s Cove Living pieces offers an individuality of its own. Whether it’s a standalone dining chair or a sumptuous sofa, the elegant clean lines are a nod to occidental influences. Best of all, many homeowners will be surprised that even though the design is understated, there is a certain character, an element of je ne sais quoi that makes each piece unique and charming.




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