Valcucine Living Comes to Singapore

Revolution in Designer Storage System. VALCUCINE LIVING, all things change.

Valcucine declares its way of conceiving, interpreting and furnishing spaces by widening its horizons beyond the kitchen. An evolved environment made of varying geometric shapes directed towards newer and greater possibilities of use.

One of the tangible signs of our changing times, the living room area, now more than ever truthfully and naturally represents the evolution of people’s lifestyles.

All things change. This is also true of the living room area that is now more open, flowing, offering furnishing ideas that replace the walls and are capable of dividing spaces in a harmonious way without shutting them off completely. The key word is “open space” no matter whether the environment is large or small; smaller ones, in fact, become more luminous and versatile.

The kitchen is traditionally the room that demands more advanced standards in terms of materials and technical solutions. Valcucine is now transposing thirty years of this know-how and experience into furniture for the living room.

VALCUCINE LIVING means functionality. It is a modular and customisable system for the living room and the home office distinguished by a clean and linear design, in which the material is the star and is extolled without ever perverting its nature: the warmth and textured appeal of solid wood is combined with the elegance of glass and of aluminium.

A programme consisting in storage units, wall panels with shelves or glass display units, bookcases and shelving units, tops and wall-hung or floor-standing benches designed to be used as a versatile system of practical seats every day and in the most natural of ways.

Each element of the VALCUCINE LIVING programmes is covered by a patent as well as complying with the high safety standards set by the European institutes. All the products are distinguished by their ergonomics and practicality of use; large pullout sliding doors, interior wiring for concealed electrical connections, high technology integrated and hidden away in the furniture as well as utmost freedom of arrangement for the single elements, even in height.

The VALCUCINE LIVING programme also expresses a deep awareness of the tactile beauty of materials: it wants to recover our senses so that Man can “listen” to the texture of surfaces through his fingers. It uses innovative and environmentally friendly materials such as glass and aluminium together with more traditional ones such as solid wood. It upholds ecological values: dematerialisation contributes to saving energy and raw materials. It uses original patents and advanced technologies while guaranteeing its focus on ergonomics, safety and consumer health.

VALCUCINE LIVING can be coordinated with the other Valcucine programmes to create adjoining spaces that blend together in a single, unifying style. The result is thestory of a place, a living room space that is dynamic, lively yet tidy, elegant and creative, made of essential things with just a touch of luxury and in which the VALCUCINE LIVING systems are the absolute stars. A carefree and practical space where you can spend time with your friends, play with the children, relax, read, work…. simply live. Valcucine Living is now exclusively available at Hugo Kitchen.


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