Bathrooms – Another eleganza from Zucchetti’s new Mini-Spin

Zucchetti’s "Spin" series is a product of the prestigious manufacturer’s commitment to style and form. Designed by Raul Barbieri, the absolutely spare design makes "Spin" especially suitable for the room with clear geometric forms. According to Raul, the bathroom is considered as a place of purity and well-being. How appropriate it is for his creation.

To add on to Zucchetti’s ever popular Spin collection, the firm itself has recently launched a ‘Mini Spin’ series to complement and cater to the growing market demands for design centric faucets. A line of elegant, hi-tech single lever faucets whose unique size sets them off; the absolutely spare design makes the Mini-Spin ZXS681 especially suitable for bathrooms with a clear geometric form. There is no doubt about it that Zucchetti Bathroom Fixtures is the Lamborghini of bathroom fixtures Zucchetti’s Mini Spin ZXS681 is 100% made in Italy.

About Zucchetti Rubinetteria

Zucchetti Rubinetteria, founded in 1929, has grown from strength to strength to become the standard for high end Zen bathroom fixture design. Research and innovation, design and product quality are the cornerstones of Zucchetti's philosophy. Being a design-oriented company, they have tied up with some of the best international designers like Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Matteo Thum, Giorgio Marianelli, etc; to design and produce cutting edge bathroom fixtures to meet the demands of the global market. Zucchetti is available at:

Sansei Singapura Pte Ltd

462 Tagore Industrial Avenue Singapore 787831
Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
Tel: 6292 8321
Fax: 6292 4520

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