Shophouse Restoration Architecture (Interior Design Ideas)

Nostalgia is an increasingly rare mental phenomenon in Singapore as modernism has engulfed the city-state in an effort to keep up with the rest of world. However, this conservation shophouse located in Joo Chiat Place, Singapore has fused old sentimentality of childhood memories and the benefits of modern interior design, and successfully retained the charm of one of Singapore's most historical sites.



Once called The Lucky Book Store, this shophouse was constructed back in the early days of 1920s. Deemed as a conservation site by the government, there are guidelines in the conversion of commercial to residential use. Ingenuity thus comes into the picture, as Chang Architects was then brought in to take on this mighty task. The homeowners, who once lived in this area in their childhood days, has made the request to retain much of the old shophouse flavor, to serve as a fond reminder of the days when they would patronize this bookstore which they will call home soon.




Many layers of pain-coatings accumulated over the years were stripped with care to reveal the original tone which was then treated with transparent sealers to offer protection and preservation. A forgotten and faded signage that reads 'Lucky Book Store, was left untouched in the front pillar.

To utilize the space and place emphasis on old aesthetic features like the brick walls, non-structural partitions were removed. The remaining structures were then carefully restored and protected. Furniture and fittings were located in the central axis as movement from one part to another of the house will always take place by the side. New columns were placed to support the extended roof casting over the dining area.



A central garden area was created at the expense of maximum built-up area as it caters to a natural and green visual backdrop for the homeowners and their neighbours.


Modern architecture and interior design may have found their way into pushing homes and buildings into new frontiers of creativity as there are several perceptions that the old will always have to make way for the new. While partially true, this well-designed and restored shophouse is a testament of modern design that serves to bring out the best of old memories in the ever-changing landscape in Singapore.


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