Black And White House (Interior Design Ideas)

One of the major challenges faced by every good interior designer in Singapore is having new ideas that exceeds the standards set by their previous works. One of them has got to be Kelvin from Space Sense Studio. When he was approached by the owners of this house, they had set a task that would allow him to surpass yet again another pinnacle of interior design.

The homeowners had wanted a black and white theme, which has to be tackled with care lest it becomes a disaster of a monotone showcase of boredom. Unfazed, Kelvin went on to create a predominately white base with black cubic patterns adorning the cabinet and part of the walls. As the functional aspect was emphasized over aesthetic features by the homeowners, Kelvin had done a fantastic job of fusing design over functions rather than the other way round. Every single detail of the house was handled by Kelvin, from the overall design to furniture and sanitary fittings.

living 1

living 2

Each individual space was designed specific to purpose. The living room is mainly used by the adults for pure entertainment. Another area was left to the kids to re-create via their own imagination into a space of play and fun.

entertainment 2

The homeowners' strong association with cooking had led to the existence of three kitchens in the house. One for storage, another dry kitchen for preparation and light cooking, and an outdoor kitchen for whipping up a feast.

attic area 1

attic area 2

A loft was specially designed and built for the kids for the sole purpose of reading and all things intellectual.

dry kitchen 1

dry kitchen 2

The completion came just under 5 months as another fabulous project makes it's way into Singapore's interior design hall of fame.


Space Sense Studio
19 Tannery Lane, #02-00, Singapore 347781
Tel: 68585258 / 82008777



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