Modern Minimalist (Interior Design Ideas)

We have all seen our fair share of the 'modern minimalist' look in the interior design of many homes. However, without the vital touch of creativity and good design sense, the modern minimalist outcome is usually reduced to that of plain bareness and cold emptiness.


80s Studio had sent one of their talented designers Andy Tan to get the job done in this 4-room flat, making sure that the house does not fall short of the requirements given by the homeowners. Using the colors of white and neutral hues, the apartment presents itself in a spacious fashion as striped wallpaper on a single wall adds a little diversity to the otherwise plain-looking space. Andy goes on to add a customized television console with plentiful storage facilities which helps in the maintenance of tidiness. Workstations are cleverly constructed facing the television so that the couple can work and enjoy some entertainment at the same time.



A wardrobe passage becomes a practical solution to the storage problems that the homeowners may encounter over time. Roller blinds are conveniently used for the windows in the home as a neater alternative to curtains.


For the kitchen, black granite countertops, white laminate cabinets and stainless steel fittings blend together with the black refrigerator to fabricate a black and white theme. A double-sliding door acts as the barrier to the smell of cooking food which tend to find it's way into the living room.


A successful job done by any interior designer is highly factored by a clear understanding of the homeowners' needs as well as fine communication between them. This home is one of many fine examples of a competent interior designer and his/her elated customers.


The 80's Studio
81 Ubi Ave 4 #01-12, Singapore 408830
Tel: 6604 8880



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