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 *wanderlust (noun) /’wɒn.dəә.lʌst/
- an irresistibly strong desire or an impulse to travel far away and explore different places

With the opening of alternative hotel Wanderlust in Little India, it draws madcap, curious voyagers to the old ethnic enclave. Made for guests with a sense of adventure and a taste for radical interior design, you are invited to walk the unconventional path where a radical hotel experience awaits.

Night Facade

The newest development from hip hotelier Loh Lik Peng is located in an old settlement where Indian immigrants once reared cattle and livestock. Its history began in the 1920s as the Hong Wen School, where the building at No 2 Dickson Road still retains its old-world charm with an unchanged façade. Situated 10 minutes from the cosmopolitan stretches of Orchard Road and the Central Business District; Wanderlust also offers door step access to a bustling, colourful street life.

Commenting on the location, Loh  says, “I chose Little India as it is such an interesting and original area and has not garnered nearly the attention it deserves. There are hardly any nice hotels or restaurants in the area and it is mostly overlooked by visitors to Singapore. In fact many Singaporeans also do not know Little India well. I want to give them a really good reason to rediscover this little gem of an enclave!”

The four storey boutique hotel has 29 rooms, featuring the groundbreaking works of award-winning Singapore design agencies Asylum, phunk studio and fFurious – this is the first-ever hotel project for each design agency. Working alongside them is Singapore architect firm DP Architects.

Just as there are no identical rooms, the same can be said for each floor in the hotel. Each agency was given full creative freedom to design an entire level in the hotel, resulting in four, different ‘in-your-face’ themes – ‘Industrial Glam’, ‘Eccentricity’, ‘Is It Just Black and White?‘ and ’Creature  Comforts.’

Lobby 1

Kick-start your Wanderlust journey in the lobby designed by Chris Lee and Cara Ang of Asylum: ‘Industrial  Glam’ is a juxtaposition of the hotel’s Little India setting and contemporary design. Stealing attention right at the door is a curved feature wall plastered with a meandering montage of vintage print ads that reflect the neighbourhood’s  culture. Featuring a base palette of industrial shades - dark grey and deep browns – the lobby also plays on contrasts where at one side, stands an old-fashioned metal collapsible gate is redone in gleaming gold and a handsome Frank Gehry sofa rests next to Trent Jansen handmade seats crafted out of recycled road signs.

Lobby 2

Barber Chair - Lobby

For those who love their pantone charts, William Chan and Jackson Tan, phunk studio, have 11 ‘capsule-like’  rooms  on  the  second  level,  each  playfully   rendered  in  a single  colour. This ‘Eccentricity’ level also sports neon signs of apt song titles such as Yellow Submarine and Purple Rain. The theme continues outside with a rainbow corridor and out to an al-fresco deck where a customised jacuzzi bursts into a myriad of colours.


Breaking away from the kaleidoscopic experience downstairs is the ‘Is it just Black and White?’ level by Tai Lee Siang and Chua Soo Hoon of DP Architects on the third floor. Here, you walk across a black corridor lit by the glow of neon signs and step into the nine rooms clad in contrasting white. Using paper as its inspiration, five rooms are known as Origami and the remaining four, Pop-Art. In the Origami rooms, sharp undulating ceilings represent paper folds and special lighting systems allow guests to choose, via a click- wheel, four colours to ‘paint’ their room up. In the four Pop-Art rooms, themed ‘Princess’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Big’ and ‘Directionless’, discover different animated scenes of stenciled art installations.
On the top floor, the ‘Creature Comforts’ by fFurious team of designers offers friendly monsters as companions to the lonely traveller. Featuring nine loft rooms with five varying themes – ‘Bling’, ‘ASCII’, ‘Space’, ‘Tree’ and ‘Typewriter’. Wander through a surreal fairyland to discover a giant monster holding up room lights in one room, a forest tree stuffed with friendly creatures in another, or a floor-to-ceiling rocket with friendly aliens or a giant typewriter. Along the corridors, specially crafted lanterns cast shadows of monsters on the walls.









Wanderlust also plays host to traditional French restaurant Cocotte at the lobby. Helmed by Chef Anthony Yeoh, it offers French cuisine with a menu that serves up rustic recipes in a casual, communal setting. Designed by Chris Lee of Asylum the restaurant features restored timber flooring with old wine crates propped on walls. Taking centrestage is a large circular, communal table topped grandly by a giant Moooi chandelier. Loh says,  “Visitors or guests to Wanderlust and Cocotte will reconnect with a small part of their childhood and once again, be enchanted with what made them want to explore the world. I can still recall the sense of adventure, fun and the thrill of exploring the world when I first travelled as a child but as an adult we get a little jaded. Sometimes, amazing things and original experiences get lost in the fog of our worldliness. With Wanderlust, it is my attempt at making that adult world into a fun playground once again.”

Cocotte Bar


About the Design Firms

Asylum is defined as a creative company that comprises of a studio, retail store, workshop and record label. Since its inception in 1999, Asylum has worked on cross-disciplinary projects that include interactive design, product development, environmental & interior design, packaging, apparel design, branding, and graphic design. Asylum’s  work  in the creative industry is recognized with 60 international awards and is featured in over 30 international interior architecture and design magazines.

DP Architects
DP Architects (DPA) started as Design Partnership in 1967 and evolved to the present private limited company in 1993. DPA is a home-grown architectural practice evolving in tandem with the building of nationhood after the independence of Singapore. Since then, the DP Group of Companies, comprising DP Architects (DPA), DP Design (DPD) and DP Consultants (DPC), has established its presence globally as a premier architectural firm - providing a range of services from architecture and urban planning to interior design and project management.

fFurious was formed in 1999: born from the desire to collaborate and grow with like-minds in creative design. It began with the simple belief that only with good people can there be good work. And only with good work can a collective such as fFurious thrive. Today, fFurious is a critically-acclaimed multi-disciplinary creative agency, thanks in part to an enthusiastic group of clients that has since included advertising agencies, publishing companies, small businesses to MNCs, non-profit organisations and government bodies.
phunk studio
phunk is a contemporary art and design collective based in Singapore. They have propagated a visual signature that seamlessly blends and reinterprets their diverse influences such as traditional Chinese craft and folklore, Hong Kong's wuxia fiction, Japanese manga and otaku subculture, Western popular culture, art and design movements into a singular creative thought that reflects their multi-cultural identity, background and environment. The concept of "universality" in the age of modern globalization is a constant theme in their works.


Wanderlust Hotel is located at 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494.



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