Tips on Saving Water

There are various ways to conserve water, which translate to lower monthly bills and helping to save the environment. Here are some tips to help you get started.


In the Bathroom

1. When brushing your teeth, use a mug or tumbler instead of using running water in your cupped hands.

2. The tap should be turned off when lathering your face with facial wash.

3. Some homeowners may not want to compromise the enjoyment of the shower, but having occasional showers that last under 5 minutes can help reduce a fair bit of water consumption.
Turning off the tap while soaping helps too.

4. In this modern age of interior design, many homes have toilet fixtures that come with the option of a short and long flush.
Use a short flush for liquid wastes and a long flush only for solid wastes.

5. Repairing of leaks and dripping taps should be done promptly.

6. You can test your toilet occasionally for leaks by adding a few drops of food coloring into the tank. If the dye appears in the bowl without any flushing, you know that you have a leak to fix.

Washing Clothes 

6. A front-loading washing machine is more efficient in conserving water compared to a top-loading machine.

7. If you are hand-washing your clothes, use a wash tub instead of doing so under a running tap.

8. Should you be using a washing machine, only do so with a full load instead of a half load.

9. The used water from the washing machine can be re-used for mopping the floor or flushing the toilet.

Watering the Plants

10. Rainwater can be collected in pans or buckets to water your plants. However, it will be wise to cover them with a lid to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.


11. When washing raw food or dishes, do it with a kitchen sink full of water rather than doing so with a running tap.

12. Avoid defrosting your dinner under running water as you should fill your sink halfway and let your frozen items soak until properly defrosted.


13. While hosting your car may be breeze, it wastes a lot of water too. Give yourself a workout by using a a piece of cloth and a bucket of water instead.


Lastly, always monitor your water bills to have an idea of your monthly water consumption. Should there be an undesirable increase, you might want to relook into your water usage habits.



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