Rearranging Your Wardrobe


A tidy wardrobe helps in reducing the hassle of finding the right clothes and accessories in that mad rush to work every morning. We got some tips lined up for you.

1. Start by asking yourself some questions. By doing so, you will know which are the clothes you will be keeping and which are the ones you will be tossing.

2. Organise and separate your clothes into four piles: store, keep, donate and toss. Only toss clothes that are ruined beyond repair and donate the rest of the unwanted ones to a local charitable organization.

3. If you are undecided about some items, you can have a fifth pile and decide later. The main objective is to get the main bulk of clothes and items organized.

4. Mismatched hangars should be removed. Also, try to stick to smaller hangars to make more space in your wardrobe.

5. Look through your store pile and decide which are the pieces that have a higher chance of being worn again. Arrange these clothes with those with the highest chance on top. You can now proceed to store the keep pile away in a storage closet or boxes. Clothing and items should also be properly separated in storage to enable ease when you need to retrieve something. If you are using storage boxes, labels are highly recommended.

6. After this is done, it is time to shift your attention to the keep pile. If you have a lot of jewellery and small accessories, a pegboard with hooks that is mounted on the side of your closet wall will keep them all nicely organized.

7. Handbags can be hung at the side of the closet wall with the use of durable hooks.

8. Clothes should be organized to their various types like shirts, skirts and trousers. For optimal results, further organize them with color-coding from the lightest to the darkest.

9. While you go through this process of rearranging your wardrobe, do not forget to take a few extra minutes to wipe the shelves and vacuum the floors.




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