Dazzling Interior Design The Japanese Way - Design Spirits (Interior Design Ideas)

Japanese Interior Design and Consulting Firm Design Spirits has been sweeping international awards for their outstanding work in putting together some of the best interior designs that the world has ever seen.


This noodle restaurant located in Las Vegas is one fine example of what Design Spirits is capable of. The extensive interplay of brilliant lights and multiple shapes takes precedence while different shades of white flows seamlessly through the entire space. Hundreds of goldfishes in carefully designed tanks with chrome tops instill life into the general interior design. The end result is a razzle-dazzle spectacle that never fails to awe the customers of Beijing Noodle No.9.







From the Japanese Interior Design:
A space gently covered by light through a silk-like skin. The challenge is to break preconceived ideas that make up the elements of an interior by governing the space into one coordinated element through creation of a seamless border.



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