Maximizing The Minimalist (Interior Design Ideas)

This 1,000 square feet apartment features interior designer Clifton’s minimalist signature as he never fails to extract the most from the least. Once again, his colors of choice for this minimalist interior design are white, earthly tones which are combined with the extensive use of wood. In order to maximize space, there are plenty of storage facilities planned. One of the key features is the interesting presence of 10 sliding doors which changes the perspective of the whole space when they are open or closed.


The living room projects a clean and minimal look. A white brick wall with a mounted television offers a neat focal point. Instead of a conventional sofa, the two benches can be separated to offer flexible seating for guests. This arrangement fits Clifton’s flexible and functional ethos.



The living room can be separated from the kitchen and dining area via a sliding door. An illusion of a larger space is created when the door is opened.



Natural volcanic stone finishing for the kitchen counter-top makes a good colour contrast yet contributes to the theme of natural materials. The cabinets are made of plywood for that natural touch.


A wall-mounted television saves valuable space in the master bedroom. Remote controlled lights are installed for convenience at the touch of a button. The bay windows offer a spectacular view as functional desks are placed in front of them for the purpose of utilizing such visual pleasure.



2 sliding doors in the master bedroom create a completely different look when you close or open it.



A central corridor running the length of the flat disappears when the doors of three adjoining rooms are slid shut. By opening and closing the doors, one can change the mood and environment of the apartment completely. Besides, LED lighting is embedded into tracking that runs the length of the apartment. At night, when all other lights are switched off, the LED lights mimic the look of the lighting of a plane.


The light switch of the walk-in wardrobe has a light switch fitted into the floor and the steps can be opened to reveal storage space.


An unpainted concrete ceiling offers a raw edge to the bathroom that is designed to look clean yet with the essentials of practicality. A curtain partition is fitted to offer convenient access of clothes in the walk-in-closet from the master washroom.


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