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One of the biggest contributor to a enticing interior design is the choice of color for the house. If you have chosen paint over wallpaper and DIY over an interior designer, you are left to your own devices to throw some colors onto your walls. As a guide, Dreamhomes shall now offer some tips on how best to go about doing it.


It is always a tough decision as there are so many colors to choose from. If you are not willing to take the plunge ahead, then consider getting a 'test' gallon or small can to try it out. The cost is minimal and allows you to get a preview of how well the color looks in your room. Effects of colors can vary from paint swatch or catalogue depending on your lighting fixtures and amount of natural light.


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Girls Painting HouseType of Paint
Start by considering wall imperfections which is in turn usually affected by the age of your house. While high-gloss paint offers the ease of cleaning and durability, it is capable of enhancing the imperfections of the walls. Flat paint will be the better alternative when your walls are not perfectly smooth, but with the added disadvantage of higher maintenance.


1. Remove all furnishing and wall decorations. Push your furniture to the centre of the room or away from the area of painting while covering them with cloth or newspapers. Cover your flooring to prevent paint drops.

2. Clean your walls thoroughly.

3. Primer, sealer and undercoats are great additional options for a good-quality paint job.

4. Do the brushwork in the corners before painting the flat surface. This will give you an evenly paint surface as rolling after brushwork will take away the brushstrokes left from painting the corners.

5. Consider using extension poles on the rollers rather than using the ladder. Although you have lesser controllable pressure on the roller, it is safer and saves time and effort.

6. Have a bottle of paint thinner/paint stripper ready to remove any unwanted drips.

7. Have a second coat of paint if possible. It looks better and last twice as long.

We hope we have made the tedious yet satisfying journey of DIY easier and more informative for you. Your first step towards a delightful interior design is now complete!



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