Making Small Spaces Work for You

Cosmopolitan cities like Singapore and Hong Kong have high and fast-rising property prices that robs many of a large dwelling. With the majority of the population limited to small spaces they call home, all is not lost. You can still make tiny living spaces look seemingly bigger, cutting the gap between yourself and your richer counterparts in interior design.

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Light Colors and Contrast

It is a known fact that using lighter colors for the interior walls can obtain an optical illusion of making a room look more spacious and brighter. Light colors can reflect light better, which in turn maximizes the result from natural light, giving space spaces a more open and airy feel. Light colors are also favored by many interior designers, giving them a wider scope to work with when it comes to design. While having a flooring in light colors may complement the overall spacious feel to the walls, do not be afraid to use darker colors. Having a dark colored flooring can also give an visually enlargement effect to your space, especially when contrasted against a light colored wall.

The Right Furniture

If your ceiling is low, then it might be wise to avoid high furniture pieces. They tend to make the ceiling look lower than it really is. Multi-function furniture works well in saving spaces with different uses all rolled into one. Expandable dining tables, foldable chairs and other furniture that can be tucked and kept away when not in use is also highly recommended.

Fewer but larger furniture triumphs over smaller furniture grouped together. Investing in a couple of designer furniture pieces is a viable option.

The arrangement of furniture is also important as you could place large furniture pieces against the wall to keep open spaces in the centre of the room. Modular furniture works well as they present various arrangement combinations and configurations, so that you can change them according to usage and occasions.

Furniture with legs will tend to give a lighter feel than those heavily set on the floor.

Sofa expandable

Utilizing Wall Spaces

Free up your floor space and go vertical. Instead of a bookcase, you can have bookshelves. Arrange all your decorative ornaments and things onto shelves rather than having standing cabinets and other storage pieces for them.

Mirrors on walls can also help magnify open spaces, creating the desired illusion of having a much larger space. Size matters, so the bigger the better.

Paintings are great wall decor items. One huge painting will work so much better than a few small ones grouped together.

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Keeping it Clutter-free

Keeping your home organized, tidy and neat might require some constant effort but well worth it. Too much stuff lying around will cramp up your space which equates to a smaller and tighter interior. However, we all know how hard it is for some homeowners to go clutter-less due to their busy lifestyle. If you got to have clutter, then limit them to certain designated areas rather than have them all lying around.

Storage Systems

There are many new and innovative storage systems designed to cut down on clutter. Take advantage of them.

With these tips to give your living space a boost, you are set to become your own interior designer. Good to go!

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