Tips on Creating a Luxurious-looking Interior Design

How many times have you came across friends' and relatives' homes whose interior designs that look so identical to each other, even to that of yours. Ever wondered if your home just isn't looking the way it should? Perhaps you had a tighter budget to work with the interior designer and the final design was thus compromised? Fret not, with a little help, you too can have a dream dwelling that looks both luxurious and expensive. Different is also an important keyword here as these tips will help you get more for less.

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Paint is often quite the tough decision as many homeowners ponder for hours which color to use. Unless you stay in a massive apartment or landed property, it might be wise to pick white or neutral colors which will push a feel of affluence to your home. Black and dark hues of grey can give an instant lux effect, but make sure that furniture and accessories have to be tricked out in similarly matched colors. Wallpapers are an excellent choice especially with the influx of korean-made wallpaper in the market. The difference in quality may be small compared to that of pricing.


If standing out from the crowd is what you seek, avoid the mass market furniture stores that every other homeowner is flocking to. While we are not pushing for the use of replicates, reproductions of designer furniture can come in handy if you are not willing to fork out more for the real deal. Coming in a fraction of the original price, expect a positively huge impact on the lux factor of your home. Waiting out for a good sale can help giving you more for less. Take note of 'bogus' furniture sale held by some furniture shops with a sale banner hanging outside it's entrance all year round as those are simply marketing gimmicks for novice homeowners. Good things come to those who wait - remember that.

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Before rushing into the idea of purchasing that chandelier for your home, stop and think again of the alternatives. While chandeliers are safe choices to many, which is exactly the thoughts of too many homeowners, there are a lot of lighting designs in the market now which can produce a similar or better effect. Like furniture, getting some bargain pieces will guarantee bang for buck. If you think scrimping on the lights and sticking to those in your move-in-condition apartment, you have already lost half the war.

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Forget off-the-rack curtains at the local home store. Instead, source for a store that specializes in fabric. You will be surprised that they might actually have fabrics that might fit into your budget yet with the exclusivity that you crave for. Extra materials may cost more, but try to hang your curtains at heights from the ceiling level instead of just above the windows. If you have seen enough interior design ideas of luxuriously-designed homes, you would have notice most of them have the illusion of fullness from long hanging curtains from the ceiling.


Go big on them. Dump those little pillows that your frugal(or miserly) colleague had given during your housewarming party. Having 4 small pillows spaced-out on your sofa has an effect that is much inferior to having 2 big sized pillows sitting comfortably at each side of your sofa.

Hardware & Sanitary Improvements

If changing the entire kitchen cabinet or the built-in wardrobe might prove to be too much for your budget, then consider making minor aesthetic changes to the drawer pulls/handles by changing them to nicer looking ones available at some hardware shops. Small dent on your budget and it's a big step towards looking different from your neighbors. While the faucets already available in your home might already proven themselves functionally, there are better looking ones out there that will not cost an arm or leg.


Lastly, accessories are great home decoration must-haves. Silver and chrome pieces are great options for the bling and lux look but they tend to oxidize too quickly and you may find yourself changing them soon. Do not get all your home's accessories at one store simply for convenience's sake. You may come across a more interesting and suitable piece at a later time, at a different place.

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