Modern Contemporary Minimalist (Interior Design Ideas)

Located in Robinson Road, Hong Kong, this modern contemporary interior design absorbs the minimalist fundamentals to minimize clutter while maximizing the space available. Designed by talented interior designer Clifton Leung from Hong Kong, the flat flows with clean lines and a simple color palette, which creates a perfect for the owner's artwork collections. Wood is used extensively in a bid to foster a welcoming and warmth feel in the home, while indirect lighting and light troughs helps in the illusional effect of spaciousness.


The build-in and floating dining bench design creates a space-efficient dining room. The full-height cabinet by the entrance mimics a wooden wall panel decoration offers maximum storage. The cabinet against the wall create extra storage space, while keeping it low, it offers a visually uncluttered passage way leading into the living room.


Living and Dining Room as One

A palette of white and brown evokes a sense of modernity and warmth. The colors blend well to achieve an overall harmonious look. The classic white wall creates a minimalistic backdrop for the brown oak wood furniture and flooring, as well as the owner’s favorite art pieces. Ceiling light trough creates a visual illusion of a higher ceiling.


Living Room and Study as One

Fully utilizing every inch of the trapezoid-shaped living / dining room, Clifton cleverly transforms the “angled-area” into a semi-open study, which meets both aesthetic and functionality requirement. A white wall with glass panel on the top is added to partition the living room and the study, offering a tranquil private space for work, while creating a sense of permeability.




Clifton created a contemporary semi-open kitchen, with sliding glass panels and doors to seal the kitchen off from the house when required, offering maximum versatility to the design. The spacious countertop serves dual-purpose, as a spacious worktop for food preparation, or by adding stylish bar stools, the space is easily transformed into a mini-bar to entertain friends with a drink or two. It also serves as a relaxed setting for a leisure Sunday brunch.



Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is designed with crisp and simple lines. Cabinet with mirror surface creates an extended visual space for the room.

An accent wall color in breezy blue evokes a sense of calmness and softness that is conducive to relaxation and sleep.


Kid’s Rooms

Walls in vivid blue and pink add a distinct lively character to the kids’ room. Cheerful colors have a positive psychological impact on kids. White furniture in clean and simple lines was chosen to soften the vivid colors to create a visually balanced and comfortable ambience for resting at night.




Tiles in grey evokes a sophisticated sensation, which offers a private oasis for owners to relax after a day of hectic work. Light troughs at the top and underside of the mirror-surfaced cabinet creates a softer and cozy ambience, which has a calming effect.

RP Bathroom

Clifton Leung

Clifton Leung Design Workshop
3/F., 128 Wellington St., Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 3106 8384

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