Things You Should Know when Choosing Flooring for your Home

Flooring is an important aspect of every decent home. There are many factors to consider before making a final choice of the flooring. Such factors include your lifestyle, the look you plan to achieve for your home, and also the budget you have planned. Keep in mind that cheaper options may compromise quality, and lead to more problems in the future when your flooring requires repair or replacement. New homeowners who may not have the luxury of advice from their experienced counterparts often overlook this point.

Wood The ability to provide a warm look and adding a touch of class to the interior design of the house makes wood a highly sought-after material for flooring. Different kinds of wood with selective finishing and staining can give rise to various looks to suit different tastes.

Advantages: Long-lasting, wear resistant and can be re-finished, re-sanded or re-stained.

Disadvantages: Requires regular maintenance, color may darken and warping due to expansion and shrinking.


Ceramic Tiles Available in glazed and unglazed versions, ceramic tiles has proven themselves popular among homeowners for their easy maintenance and wide range of choices.

Advantages: Durable, Scratchproof, stain-resistant, easy to clean, water and stain resistant, wide choices of textures, colors, shapes and patterns.

Disadvantages: Gout lines between tiles are hard to clean, glossy tiles slippery when wet, lower-quality tiles have a tendency to chip or crack under pressure.



Natural Stone

Popular since ancient times, stone flooring was once the choice of the elite and privileged, but modern times have changed that. New technological advances in production have made it available to the average Joe. There are different kinds of natural stone for homeowners and interior designers to choose which includes limestone, granite, marble and many others. Each one represents their uniqueness in hue, color, pattern and texture.

Advantages: Timeless and classic design, almost indestructible, natural beauty

Disadvantages: Higher cost, some varieties may absorb stain and dirt, hard to repair if damaged, glossy variants may be slippery.



Offered in a variety of patterns and colors, there are basically two types of carpet, namely the tufted and woven. Easy on the feet, any home employing the use of carpeted floors evokes a sense of warmth and comfort.

Advantages: Soft, quiet, warm to the feet. Cheaper than other options to replace and upgrade.

Disadvantages: Stains easily, regular maintenance, lower quality will reveal wearing quickly.



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