Tips on Pet Proofing your Home

Pets are a common sight in Singapore and other parts of the world, with many of us struggling to keep a balance between keeping our home intact and keeping our pets safe and happy.

 Here are some tips to win the battle:

shutterstock 70254013-500x333Walls
Painted walls are recommended over wallpaper due to the tendency of pets scratching the walls. A semi-gloss finish is preferred due to it’s ease of cleaning.

Carpets / Rugs
Not exactly a good idea for pet owners as carpets are a haven for mites. Also, think about the amount of money, time and effort you are going to spend should your pet pees or defecate on it.

Wooden floors are highly discouraged as they are prone to heavy staining and scratching, which puts alternatives like stone, tile and ceramic as top choices for pet owners. Laminate floors can be too slippery for dogs too.

Fragile Items
While your $2000 designer table lamp might be a great display item, it will not be long before you find it smashed on the floor. Keep all display items away from your pets. You may lose some aesthetics on your interior design, but it is a sacrifice you have to make.

Hazardous Items

  • Keep all dangling wires out of reach. Hide them if necessary.
  • Constantly check places where you might overlook just because your vacuum cleaner doesn’t fit. These places may hold hazardous items for your pets if chewed or swallowed.
  • Always ensure that the toys and games of your children are put away.
  • Place your household plants away from the reach of your pets, and do some homework if they are poisonous to your pets.


Keeping Clean
Your sheets and fabric should be cleaned regularly, and floors properly vacuumed. This should keep allergens to a minimal.

For all pet owners, expect some damage nevertheless. Although precautions can be taken, there might still be slip-ups. This is especially common during the period when your pet is being trained and house-broken. Being a pet owner and house owner, responsibility goes a long way to keeping them clean and looking good!

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