Guide on Buying the Right Television

Some quick tips to get you going!

Buying a television in Singapore is pretty easy with many choices to choose from. With Electronic Fairs held every other weekend and competitive prices from retailers, consumers can sometimes grab the best buy without any hiccups. However, there are various points to consider and here is a quick guide to get you going, minus the technical jargon.

Type of TV (LED vs. LCD vs. Plasma)

Gone are the days where everyone has to live with a huge and chunky CRT television. Technology then brought us the Plasma TV which revolutionised flat screens but have a tendency to have overheated screens which was fortunately addressed later. Next came the LCD TVs before we have the even slimmer and more energy-saving LED TVs.

Size of TV

What is the amount of space being allocated for your television? Another consideration is the viewing distance between your television and sofa. You are not going to enjoy watching your favourite movie on a massive TV by sitting too close to it.


While the shop assistant or promoter might sell you a television with a lot of features, it usually comes with a higher price tag. A television loaded with features is not going to make much sense if you are just using it to catch the news every day.

Specific Usage

Are you seeking a television that comprises of various functions that allows you to surf the net, catch up on Facebook and download movies/programs? Try the Smart TV, as it edges itself closer to a computer minus the productivity functions. For hardcore gamers who want the best for their Playstations and Xbox 360s, you will be surprised that the good ole plasma TV is still the best choice.

Sound Quality

As televisions shrink in thickness, there is a need for smaller components and thus sound quality is often compromised. If you are an audiophile who wants good quality sound, stick to a separate home entertainment system.

In a Nutshell....

Do a little research on the various TVs available to your needs and narrow them down to the top 3 choices. Every retailer will claim that they are selling at the best price so it will be wise to make some comparisons and not rush into buying it at the first electronic store you step into.



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