Home Automation in Singapore

The benefits of having a smart home!

Now you have got the perfect home with the right interior design with the best furniture and furnishing. What else can you do to further improve it? Perhaps after form, it is time for function.

When you put the fast-paced society of Singapore together with the technological advancement of today, you get people who are willing to embrace all sorts of hi-tech gizmos that can make their everyday lives easier. Where better than applying this to your home?

Welcome to the world of Home Automation. Home automation opens up a world of possibilities. You can watch what is happening at home with your iPhone/iPad or other smart gadgets whilst shopping. You can also control the security system or every possible appliance that is running on electricity at home. All at the touch of your finger.

Advantages of Home Automation

Convenience – Time and effort is saved when routine functions like turning off the lights and electrical appliances and the arming of security functions are done automatically every day when you leave your house, and doing the opposite when you come home.

Security – With the low crime rate in Singapore, many tend to neglect home security. Just because burglars have never entered your home does not mean that it will not happen tomorrow. Home automation provides the security that you can look into your home remotely from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to watch your nanny/maid taking care of your kids or the nurse taking care of your parents. Such ease of mind is surely priceless.

Savings – Home automation can take on the responsibility of regulating the operation of the air conditioner, lightings, the water heater, entertainment components and other home appliances. This leads to long term savings in your electrical bills, not to mention playing a bigger part in saving the earth through electricity conservation!

Looks - Lastly, will home automation compromise the interior design of your home? If modern contemporary is your cup of tea, then such technology showcase will nicely amplify your taste for modernity. For those who prefer pure classic designs or want to keep automation controls to a minimum view, your interior designer should be able to hide them away cleverly.

If you are seeking to explore home automation for your new home, do check with your Interior Designer on installation advice.



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