The Infamous French Baroque Style

It's all about Extravagance, Luxury and Flamboyance!

The Baroque style has its origins in France, thus the common term of French Baroque. When used in interior design, it boasts of extravagance, luxury and flamboyance. In the past, such home decoration would put you high in status among the society, but modernity has brought it to be a home style enjoyed by some individuals.

While the usage of the colour gold in accessories, furnishing and furniture has toned down significantly in modern times, new and innovative techniques have brought Baroque style to a different level than before while preserving the elements of flamboyance and extravagance, not to mention that you no longer need to own a fortune to have your home decorated Baroque-styled! If you have made up your mind on having the French Baroque interior design for your home, it might be wise to talk to a few local interior designers in Singapore for the best design that suits your taste. Not everyone interprets or perceives French Baroque the same way. But here are some general tips to get you started.


Wallpaper is a common and popular choice to instil flamboyance onto the walls as one uses the appropriate patterns and designs. For those who prefer to paint, dark colours are preferred or just the simple colour of white. Warm colours like gold and peach will indicate a more traditional approach towards the baroque style.


The upholstery of the furniture should possess some patterns or texture that is rich to bring about the luxurious look. Curved edges for the furniture pieces will do well to complement the overall look as sleek lines and edges are in the territory of modern contemporary.


Crystals and chandeliers rule this aspect of home décor. For the fixtures, you can try chrome or those with shiny surfaces if gold puts you off.

Soft Furnishing & Accessories

Dramatic draperies can be created from silk, velvet or satin. Paintings and sculptures are indispensible elements to bring out the best of baroque style, so get your hands on at least one or two if space allows.



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