Modular Furniture in Singapore

Presenting the types of modular furniture that has gained much in popularity!

Furniture is just about the most important part of the home and it's interior design but for those with limited space, it may be a real struggle to get everything to fit into the room properly and yet still look good. Certainly something we see a lot in Singapore where land is so scarce and expensive. You have surely heard the term of modular furniture quite often, but might not quite fully understand the meaning of it.

Modular furniture has been a problem solver in the quest for space, being a true creation of modernity. Modular furniture is composed of pre-made units that can be combined in various ways, by means of interchangeable parts. This allows you to use the same piece of pieces of furniture to create many configurations thus giving you extreme flexibility and catering to your changing needs.

There are many types of modular furniture for different parts of your home. With many designs and patterns from manufacturers, you can also choose to buy as many or as little units as you wish. If you have already engaged the services of an interior designer, feel free to use/her knowledge and expertise in choosing the right piece.

Living Room Modular Furniture

The most common piece of modular furniture used for the living room is the sofa. You can easily combine two-seater or three-seater section sofas with a chaise or others to form a huge configuration lounge. Bookshelves, entertainment and display units can also utilise modular furniture to perform excellent storage uses and still look stylish.

Kitchen Modular Furniture

For the kitchen, modular furniture usually refers to the cabinet units with many options that are very popular with homeowners of today. With the ability for mixing and matching, these cabinets are either floor-standing or wall-mounted. Options include single/double doors, solid/glass door panels and the addition of shelves according to the space needed between each shelf.

Bedroom Modular Furniture

This includes night tables, dressers and headboards that are already pre-produced and ready for assembly. The more popular choices of bedroom modular furniture are those for children, as different pieces can be added or modified to accommodate to the growth of the child. Some baby cribs can be converted into a small single bed when the child outgrows the crib, and this prevents the wastage of the crib and prolongs the use while saving your money for a new bed.

Modular Closet Furniture

Maximum usage of the closet or wardrobe can be achieved by creating a storage system that can be customized and rearranged in more ways than one. Shoes racks can be added to accommodate new additions. Hangar bars that can be hung at different levels to allow the other units more space. These are just some of the wonders of modular closet furniture



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