The Appeal of Designer Furniture

Why do designer furniture cost so much?

Most people would wonder why designer furniture carries such incredibly high price tags which put it out of reach of many. And the answer that comes to the minds of most is the brand. True, but there is more than just the brand as many contributing factors would justify the sky-high prices.

Firstly, top furniture designers really put in a lot of effort and knowledge into the design of their pieces, so as to ensure that their creations are not only unique but also comfortable and ergonomic. As they compete against each other in bringing out the best in the furniture and interior design industry, you can be sure that no expense and effort is spared. In contrast, less is contributed by those who design for the mainstream market as all expenses have to be kept low to ensure low prices, which includes the salaries or profits of these lesser-known furniture designers.

Next, the materials used in the production of designer furniture are usually of a higher quality than those utilized in factories. As companies produce products for the mass market in huge quantities, they are able to enjoy economies of scale than furniture designers who source only for the best and in much lesser quantities.

It is no secret that handmade items commands a greater cost than those made in a factory. The man hours put in by furniture designers from the stage of designing to that of production and completion is good enough to explain why this is another factor for the high price of designer furniture.

Also, while big furniture companies can add up small profits made on thousands of items sold into huge revenue, smaller designer furniture companies or individuals can only sell a few products each year to even come close. This contributes another factor to the high pricing of designer furniture.

Art to some is considered priceless. Like art pieces, these furniture pieces are limited and are a true expression of the designers whom have already carved out a name for themselves. It can’t be made by just anyone, nor is it made for everyone.

Like a limited edition Prada handbag for the ladies, or a limited edition Brabus-tuned Mercedes for the men, I am sure many can liken the analogies and appreciate the exquisite appeal and cost of designer furniture. If you have deep pockets or an appreciator of design willing to make an investment, such designer furniture will definitely add a positive touch to the overall interior design of your home.




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