Is the Lowest Interior Designer Quotation always the Best in Singapore?

And the answer is.....

No. Well, at least not most of the time. This is one question that many new homeowners will have to ponder over when receiving quotes from numerous interior designers or renovators in Singapore. Everyone will want the lowest quote for the interior design that they have in mind, but honestly, are you getting what you are really paying for? We have all heard numerous horror stories of projects that have gone wrong in more ways than one, and although it is not only limited only to interior designers who offer unrealistically low quotations, it does seem to have the highest frequency of occurrences with them.

Quality – The quality of materials and products constitute to a substantial portion of the total cost. Using items of lower quality, you will definitely be enjoying a lower bill at the end of the day. This is probably acceptable if you do not plan to stay in that house for long. But for those who are really looking for permanent accommodation and establishment of a family, you are definitely not going to like the idea of things falling apart over the years to come.

Service – In relation to business sense, if an interior designer or contractor is going to give you a lower quote than their competitors, they might have to do higher quantities to be able to earn a healthy margin of profit. With more than they can handle, service quality is bound to suffer. Promises are going to be delivered later, if not at all. Problems are going to be solved in a longer duration of time, if not at all. How does that sound to you?

Business Logic – Let’s think business. For those interior designers, contractors and renovators that are quick to charge lower than anybody else, they are bound to incur a lower margin of profit than others. In this case, wouldn’t business and livelihood survival become an issue? That’s not too hard to figure it out logically. Something has got to give, and it is likely the items as mentioned above.

Design – Is this something important to you? Good and experienced interior designers who can whip up something really good will usually not involve themselves in the price war, preferring to take on good projects in smaller quantities. To them, reputation is at stake here. At the end of the day, it is wiser to set aside a stretchable budget for a wider range of options. Like with any commodity or service, a truly good buy occurs only when you are getting something of a high quality at the lowest price, not when low quality equates low prices.




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