Caring for Leather Furniture

Tips on providing TLC for your precious leather furniture!

It is no wonder that leather furniture is the popular choice when compared to those made of fabric. While the feel of fabric is very comfortable to many, the ease of maintenance of leather furniture is enough to sway the choice of many fuss-free Singapore homeowners. To cater to such demands, furniture manufacturers have pushed out a wide range of leather sofas, recliners, loveseats and chairs in many styles and colors. For those on a tight budget and could not afford authentic leather furniture, there is always the option of synthetic leather which looks exactly like the real thing. Modern technology and innovative techniques have allowed synthetic leather to replicate authentic leather closely, but there will always be a different feel as many homeowners will swear by the luxurious embrace of real leather.

Stains and Spills: The main advantage of leather furniture is its great ability to handle stains and spills. However, do not be mistaken that it requires ‘no’ maintenance but rather ‘little’ maintenance. In the event of a spill, you should embark on the following steps immediately. Firstly, blot the stain lightly with a soft cloth or towel, and avoid rubbing and smearing the spill. Next, use warm water and mild soap, and avoid harsh chemicals. Take caution when using commercially available furniture cleaners as they may foster rapid resoiling.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight and Heat: Keep your leather furniture away from direct and constant sunlight so as to prevent fading over time. The heat generated from the sunlight will also cause the leather to dry out, making it vulnerable to cracks and splits. The strong sunshine prevalent on Singapore will slowly but surely take the robust colour off your leather furniture and deteriorate its condition. Therefore, it is wise to place your leather furniture in a shaded area of the room when planning your home décor and interior design. If you have to place them near the window or balcony, keep the curtains closed when the sun casts its rays in.

Cigarette Smoke: It is best not to smoke in areas where you place your leather furniture. Excessive smoke can cause the colour to change or fade.

Keep Potentially Harmfully Objects Away: Try not to place sharp objects on your leather furniture as they may scratch, rip or tear the leather fabric, or even puncture damaging holes into it.

Regular Dusting & Vacuuming:By doing so at least once a week, you can keep your leather furniture fresh and clean as dirt and debris are removed. You can also wipe your furniture with a soft dry cloth. Diligence should also be practiced by making sure that hidden dust and dirt in crevices and under the cushions are removed. Oil is good: Well, not all though. No self-respecting homeowner is going to use cooking oil to condition his/her leather furniture! Baby oil is a great product to use while wiping your sofa as it cleanses, preserves and softens the leather while preventing cracking. Nice smelling too. Olive oil is another useful alternative with the added benefit of a good shine but be sure that it is used only on dark-coloured leather furniture. Both products are readily available and low in cost. Having made such an investment on your leather furniture, it is surely important to ensure that they remain looking and smelling for years to come.

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