Selecting your Dining Table

How about some tips on getting the right dining table?

Of all the wonderful furniture that makes up the living space and interior design of the house, the dining table is surely a significant contributor. Family and friends gather on the dining table for meals, conversation and also other group activities. While the dining table used to be confined to the kitchen, it can now be commonly found in the living room too. This is why the search for dining table and complementing dining chairs is very important in fulfilling the practical factors of functionality and also adhere to the interior design of the home, especially the living room. Therefore buying a dining table is much more than simply picking something that catches your eye at the store.

Size of the Dining Table

If located in the kitchen, the size of the dining table should be proportionate to the kitchen. However, if it is to be placed in the living room, the space allocated and number of family members will determine the size. Dining chairs should also be considered in the overall size. There should always be sufficient space for movements around the table, without nearby furniture pieces or structures crippling the ease of getting in and out the chairs. For the homeowners in Singapore, the size of the dining table chosen is usually quite small in comparison to their counterparts in other parts of the world. The scarcity of space and the busy lifestyle of young homeowners in Singapore have made smaller dining tables extremely popular.

Shape of the Dining Table

Square dining tables are a good choice for both casual and romantic meals, as most of them can seat at least four people comfortably. While a square table is ideal for daily dining, a rectangle dining table is a much better choice when there is a need for frequent entertaining of guests. Round dining tables can make superb conversation areas because there is eye contact between everyone seated around it. Oval dining tables are very space efficient and informal but they really look better in large areas. There are also the triangular dining tables, but due to the lack of demand, they are rare in Singapore.

Material of the Dining Table

While wood is an evergreen choice for many homeowners, tables with glass tops have also become one popular choice. Glass-top tables create an illusion of larger space because of its transparency and give a sophisticated yet elegant look. Plastic tables are by far the most affordable dining furniture and provide durability and ease of maintenance. In addition, they come in many colors, patterns and finishes. The only problem is that plastic tends to ‘yellow’ with time, and are easily scratched and damaged by heat.

Design of the Dining Table

From the ultra-modern to highly traditional designs, there is quite a great range available to choose from. Depending on the budget and lifestyle of the individual, there is always a dining table that will suit the homeowner. To match the interior design of your home, there are the modern contemporary styles or even the country and rustic styles. The choices are simply endless.

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