Cleaning that Rug of Yours

What do you do when something nasty spills onto your precious rug or carpet?

Many homeowners purchase rugs for aesthetic reasons, which makes sense since rugs add accent to the flooring and enhances the furnishing and the overall interior design. But rugs are certainly more than just that, as they can be very comfortable to walk on as well protecting the floor it covers. As rugs are being stepped on constantly, there is therefore a need for regular maintenance. As they often trap dust, dirt and allergens, rugs can become a source of allergies and contribute to an unhealthy environment. For health reasons, rugs should be kept as clean as possible through proper techniques of rug-cleaning.

DIY Cleaning

For those on a tight budget, cleaning the rug yourself may be the best viable option. That is unless you own an expensive Persian rug or an antique family heirloom. Regular cleaning can be a simple chore of using the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Although there is a saying that ‘prevention is better than cure’, there will always be accidents when liquids are spilled onto the rug, which will require immediate attention and proper steps in a bid to prevent a permanent stain.


  1. Address the problem immediately as this will minimize the seepage of fluid into the rug fibers.
  2. Start the rug cleaning by vacuuming, and get as much dirt out. It is going to be messy to do the following steps with the presence of dirt.
  3. Apply mild liquid soap on the affected area. If you do not have mild soap at that instant, then try mixing regular hand soap with water. A firm sponge or soft brush can be used for this purpose.
  4. Next, rinse the rug thoroughly but with the most minimum amount of water so as to facilitate fast drying.
  5. Remove as much water as possible.
  6. Air dry the rug, and make sure that both top and bottom are dry before placing it back to its original position.


There are stain removal products available in the DIY stores, but be sure to check if it is appropriate for the fiber type of your rug. The best way is to get the advice of the staff from the place where the rug is purchased. Most of the good ones will be able to give the right advice based on the make and type of rug.

For expensive rugs, it may be more advisable to seek qualified professionals who will remove the stains without the slightest damage to your precious rug. Compared to the cost of your rug, the money spent on their experience and professional services is definitely well worth it.



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