Types of Curtain Fabrics

The choice of an appropriate fabric is very important when purchasing window curtain to match your interior design. The factors contributing to the final choice rest largely on the budget and personal preferences of individual homeowners. Here are a few different types of curtains that are based on their constituent materials for your knowledge.

Cotton window curtains - Such draperies are best suited for kitchen, bathrooms and verandas. They are one of the most popular choices as cotton window curtains are light, handle water efficiently and are easy to wash. The best thing about them is they dry very easily and therefore suitable even for outdoor venues. Cleaning is also an ease as you can easily wash it with any mild detergent. These cloth pieces are universally available and arrive in a wide range of vibrant graphics as well as intricate patterns that easily blend with interior design of the room. Other prime advantages include longevity and reasonable prices.

Synthetic window curtains - Being resistant to water, durable and easy to clean, the use of synthetic plastic materials like nylon, rayon and polyester is fast becoming quite popular. However, due to the flammable nature of plastic, they are shunned by homeowners who are very concerned with home safety.

Silk window curtains - Considered to be one of the most luxurious and expensive fabric that is used for the manufacture of a drapery. This delicate material can be woven into elaborate pattern that makes it suitable for any royal setting, high-budget wedding or formal event. Shades are available in full-length, half-length and balloon types. While the achieved look is fabulous and elegant, the main downfall of the silk window curtains, other than its expensive nature, is that it is too fragile to handle exposure to direct sunlight. On top of that, the choices of designs are limited compared to that of cotton window curtains.

Woolen window curtains - They provide much insulation and are better fitted for use in colder countries. This makes them less suitable for our hot and humid climate in Singapore. Being moisture absorbent, they are poise quite a bit of problem when they encounter rain through an open window of a forgetful homeowner. The cost of woolen window curtains is dependent on the variety of dye which is used for coloring it. It also depends upon the quality of wool.

Linen window curtains - This material has recently grown in popularity as it can easily be woven into light or heavy patterns, resulting in the formation of many different styles. They are cheaper in cost as compared to silk, wool and velvet. However, linen has a tendency to shrink under humid conditions and requires special dry cleaning processes in order to preserve its quality.


Therefore, both design and material of curtain fabrics are equally important. There is why you should also seek the advice of the sales staff at the store. An interior designer who is well-versed in materials will also be able to offer the right advice.




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