Hamilton Conte Comes To Singapore Via Marquis


HAMILTON CONTE is a contemporary furniture and accessory brand founded in 2009 by Fabián Pellegrinet Conte and Ross Hamilton Englisbe. Inspired by Scandinavian design of the 1950s-1970s and incorporating clear American influences, the brand’s identity and corresponding philosophy can be expressed through three key concepts – storytelling, eclecticism, and proximity – along with a drive to create unique and timeless creations.


Unique stories Hamilton Conte is a brand focused on storytelling. The story of its founders involves different cultures and rich family histories, and the company name itself is a tribute to their respective grandmothers, Carol Hamilton and Magdalena Conte. But the company is, above all, about the products: the stories behind their creation, and the stories that they can create in each and every ambiance.


An eclectic brand HAMILTON CONTE cultivates eclecticism which, through its combination of American influences and European sensibility, gives rise to a unique brand philosophy. While remaining distinctly contemporary, the company’s style revisits the period between 1950 and 1970 in American and Scandinavian design, and adds a touch of Parisian flair. Hamilton Conte’s furniture range seeks to marry comfort, function and attention to detail, while facilitating the creation of unique ambiances. Design for the sake of design has no place at Hamilton Conte; their pieces are meant to remain warm, welcoming, and pratical. Fluid, simple lines allow their pieces to fit into different interior styles without letting them lose what sets them apart. Wooden and upholstered ranges are accented by stone, metals – iron, steel, brass – and more modern materials like resin, which provide both visual and tactile diversity.



Constant proximity Hamilton Conte prides itself on an uncommon passion for both products and projects. A mutual understanding of needs and expectations is vital to every stage of development, from product design to installation. Dedicated craftsmen provide highly tailored, built-to-order production, while the multicultural and multilingual team (Ross Hamilton Englisbe is Franco- American and Fabián Pellegrinet Conte Italian-Argentine) is dedicated to maintaining close proximity to clients. Even as Hamilton Conte develops throughout Europe and the rest of the world, the brand’s internationalisation depends on close relationships with all partners involved.


Now available at:

Marquis Qsquare
16 Tai Seng Street Level 1,
Singapore 534138



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