The Smart Fortwo BoConcept Signature Style

Furniture brand BoConcept and automotive brand smart, both known for their expertise in innovative urban design, have joined forces to fuse the urban way of life into interior design. The result: the “smart fortwo BoConcept signature style” and a matching collection of BoConcept furniture and accessories. You may ask the question: What does a manufacturer of furniture have in common with a carmaker? Well, in this case: everything!

The idea of a carmaker and a furniture manufacturer working together makes complete sense when both companies take the lead in providing the best possible designs for urban life. Collection Director Claus Ditlev Jensen from BoConcept explains: - To me, a smart is not just a car. It is a statement of urban living and the perfect city car in terms of beautiful, functional design. Both smart and BoConcept have years of experience within each of our industries, and we put our knowledge and understanding to great use in making urban life easy. We share the commitment to and strong, strong focus on urban life which results in intelligent design that is cutting- edge and beautiful to look at.


No Compromise

No compromises are made in the development of designs to urban life. As the world’s big cities continue to grow one major challenge in urban living is the limitation in space. BoConcept and smart deliver intelligent solutions that save space, but never compromise on look and quality. The challenge of limited parking space is solved by the clever city car that requires very little space, and multifunctional pieces of furniture help to optimise limited living space.

Both companies’ customers look for customized solutions to express their personal style. And they have lots of options when it comes to personalising their smart car and designing their BoConcept furniture. – Basically, the smart car and the BoConcept furniture have a strong character that is also expressed by the type of customer who buys it, explains Martin Hülder, head of smart marketing and product management.


The Design Process

The BoConcept design team and the smart design team have worked closely together in the creation of the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style as well as the new smartville collection of interior furniture and accessories. During the process, the designers have shared and exchanged their knowledge and experience and introduced each other to new materials and ideas some of which have become part of the design of the car as well as the smartville collection.

-The first premise of smart is to make life more colourful and stress-free in the cities. For us this job is done when people arrive happily and safely at home. And right on the doorstep, BoConcept takes over. Together we offer people the perfect solutions for urban life - for busy streets and cosy living, says Martin Hülder from smart. Claus Ditlev Jensen continues: - For BoConcept, the car industry is a business that we like to follow and seek inspiration from. Their technology, use of materials and ideas on shapes can be transferred to the home. And just like us, smart also has to ensure function and comfort so they benefit from our inputs to achieve a cosy interior without losing the edge in the appearance of the car.

The design process was very much about exchanging the best of both worlds. Both teams worked closely together to bring the cosy, welcoming comfort of a home into the smart car and vice versa to take the speed and pace of the city into the home with smartville furniture and accessories from BoConcept.


More about the Design

This unique car represents the best of two worlds. Life in the fast lane with strong design details and gutsy colours and a cosy home feeling with exclusive materials and comfort. Designer at smart, Adriana Balko explains: - the car really shows the bipolarity of both brands. We have a radical exterior and a cosy interior.

The exterior is dominated by the new matte white base. A matte surface has been a no go in the car industry for years while in home interiors, it is considered to be a warm and very exclusive surface. Now the matte colour is having another strong appearance in the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style, being very aesthetic and special. The use of two different contrast colours is very daring. The elegant brown of the tridion cell is a dominant colour in furniture, and the bright yellow in the rims and the mirror brings playfulness and a very personal expression into the design. Martin Hülder says: - It was a great idea of the BoConcept team to add neon yellow to the colour scheme. The use of neon colours is a strong trend in home interior right now. Just as it is used on the car, the neon colours are only used in very small bursts to bring character without taking away the exclusiveness of the design.




The interior of the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style has a strong sense of home. The tobacco brown leather combined with fluffy, sofa-style grey fabric on the seats, door panels and dashboard is nice, warm and soft in contrast to the classic black of the functional parts that you often see in cars. Just like the smartville sofa in charcoal grey the yellow contrast stitching is visible all over the interior of the smart fortwo BoConcept signature style. And the finishing touch is the gear knob in real oak wood. A material that is very common in home furnishings but has never been introduced in a smart car until now. The smart fortwo BoConcept signature style will be presented during a joined world tour and take part in events at BoConcept dealers during March and April. The customized car can also be ordered by design-loving individuals at any smart dealership that is offering the smart BRABUS tailor made program, price upon request.





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