The City That Never Sleeps - Injecting Your Interior Design With Urban Romance

There are times when you wished you could inject more life into your interior design of boring paints walls. While wallpapers are the usual alternative, PIXERS has now provided a much better and more interesting solution - wall murals with an urban twist.

“City Never Sleeps” is their tribute to the great metropolises that for ages have inspired not only artists, but also most importantly, ordinary people. The cities that are a continuous dazzle of lights and cacophony of noises, but yet an attraction to thousands of inspiring souls... Cities, where hearts of inhabitants beat the same rhythm and where history is created by human passions, dramas and great romances. The cities that never sleep, where anything can happen and any dream can come true.


While it seems to the well-travelled that they already know by heart the images of these cities, these cities are still able to amaze and surprise with so many different and elusive dimensions. New York is not just Manhattan and there are places in Paris from which you can’t see the Eiffel Tower. To show the avantgarde side of these metropolises, they decided to resign from well-known photographies and images, and focus on sketches. In this way each city gained a new dimension, and their wall murals seem to echo the sounds of New York Jazz and Parisian accordion. Welcome to the metropolis as seen with the eyes of the designers at PIXERS. Such eyes of dreamers, optimists and romantics who have captured the true essence of the urban jungle.










As well-spoken by PIXERS 'In the end, if we can make it in New York, we’ll make it anywhere!'


While such fabulous interior wall murals are not available in Singapore and some parts of Asia, you can contact PIXERS for more information on purchasing and shipping details. 



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