Airplane Parts Furniture - Green Design Episode 3

We have seen furniture made from various objects in a bid for saving Mother Earth, but from airplane parts? Motoart has found the answer as the creator of sleek-looking furniture pieces re-birthed from every imaginable part of abandoned planes - wings, fuselage, pilot seats and more. If these airplane parts could withstand the punishing wind pressure, speed and weather of skies, then they are certainly good enough for us.


DC-10 Cowling

A hot-looking bed. Literally. And no, thats not a furnace cooking you in your sleep but the work of LED lights providing illumination for that sexy ambience in your bedroom. Taken off the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 passenger plane, this round bed will invoke all the attention for anyone with the privilege of stepping into your area of rest (and play).

cowling bed 1

cowling bed 2


Albatross Couch

More like a magnificent piece of art, this couch will find itself a focal point in the interior design of your home rather unintentionally. Smooth nautical lines with loads of rivet details, what was once an Albatross Float Tank is now an extremely limited edition piece from MotoArt.

albatross 1

aldertross 2


C-130 Conference Table

The boys are going to be familiar with the C130 Hercules, being the main mode of heavy air transport of the Singapore military. Instead of your regular army fatigues, you can now be reunited with this plane in your power suits brainstorming your latest ideas at this V-shaped conference table. Shiny chrome finishing and half-inch tempered glass transform the table into one helluva classy table, with a seating of up to 24 people.

C130 1

C130 2

C130 3


Popular with aviation-loving celebrities and corporations with sharp tastes in design, these oddball furniture pieces prove once again that recycling and interior design are all but contradicting. Nothing like owning a piece of aviation history. Nice.



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