Celebrity Homes – Naomi Campbell’s new futuristic home

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has got it all going well for her, having established herself among the top three most recognizable and in-demand models of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and now the alleged soon-to-be resident of this amazingly designed home in Moscow’s A-List suburban area Rublyovka. Engaged by her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, famous architect Zaha Hadid got to work in creating another masterpiece which would look like a Starship from Star trek.

The form for the villa comes from the natural topography – a building that emerges from the landscape, while remaining partially embedded in the hillside. The first of the villa’s components is strategically placed to merge with the sloped landscape, while a separate volume floats 22 metres above the ground, benefitting from the breathtaking views of the Barvikha forest.

The programme is organised vertically, on four levels. The lower level is envisioned as leisure space and includes a living room, massage and fitness areas as well as a sauna and hamman baths. One level up is the main living room, dining space, kitchen, entertainment and indoor swimming room and parking spaces are located on the ground floor.

The two main components of the house are articulated by three legs: concrete columns which establish a strong dialogue between both levels, while functioning as structural elements. Vertical shafts inside the legs contain all mechanical elements and services connecting to the upper level, including a transparent glass elevator and staircase.

The main entrance lobby, study/library, guest room and children’s room are distributed on the first floor while the master bedrooms and a lounge with an exterior terrace occupy the upper level.

The main entrance to the house is located on the first floor. Within this space, the three concrete columns intersect the main roof, proposing skylights and a double-height space. The view from the living room is framed by two-curved in-situ cast concrete structures which also serve to create divisions between the main living room, dining room and indoor swimming pool.

The general design concept is to extend the exterior topography to the interior of the building, while geometrical definition is derived from the surrounding environment of flowing terrain levels stretched to generate the new landscape, creating continuous integration between interior and exterior spaces.

See more pictures of this futuristic project by Zaha Hadid HERE.

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