Sansei Singapura Unveils New Showroom - The Reinvention

Putting the elemental pleasure of water right for Homeowners

September 2012 marks an important milestone in the long running history of Sansei Singapura as they unveil their reinvented showroom that promises a new perspective towards bathroom products that is made available to the market.

With so much already said and done on the other aspects of the home, the bathroom remains a space relatively untouched, which allows us to explore the possibilities when it comes to the way it is conceived and built.

In the new Sansei showroom, there is only one given, the finest quality, as for the rest, your imagination is the limit. This is because with each product on display comes their assurance that it is tested to the most rigid and highest possible standards, handpicked by their experts after much deliberation. Inspired by the art gallery, they believe there is a place in the bathroom for different takes and for them to present them to the consumer in the best possible way.

Sansei was built on the commitment to bold design and the finest quality products as the first storey of their showroom showcases this very ongoing commitment together with Sansei’s pledge to scour the globe in search for new possibilities, permutations and combinations for the perfect bathroom in Singapore.

Showcasing the plunder of Middle Asia and the Far East, exotic and fresh. Like art, the boundaries are never fixed; the same goes for the bathroom, fluid and dynamic, almost literally. Saving their best for the second floor of their showroom, you will find products from renowned brands such as Duravit, Cristina, Hatria, Scarabeo, Stella and Knief & Co. GmBH, given their long association with European products. Apart from the utmost assurance provided by these European companies, impeccable taste is almost a guarantee. Housing certain product lines whose design was spearheaded by renowned names such as Philippe Starck, Maurizio Duranti, Nilo Gioacchini, Massimiliano Braconi and many others, the bathroom is further elevated into art. This is because with each designer and product line, the bathroom becomes the conduit for ideas and different inspirations to flow; just like how the conventional artist is featured.




Furthermore, their showroom showcases a “Live” area that features mainly Cristina faucets and fittings which allows a first hand experience with the cascading water feature of the Bollicine and Modul series of faucets as well as the unbroken lines of water the Sandwich series of rain showers offer. When it comes to the bathroom, it is not simply art, it is art in motion; featuring levers, water and you.

New. Excitement. Sansei’s showroom; The Reinvention.



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