Blum Embraces Latest Technology and Launches iPad App.

Bringing the Blum experience to your fingertips!

An iPad app that delivers the Blum experience right to your fingertips is now available as Blum moves with the technologically-advanced wave of Apple, with the iPad ever so popular with homeowners in Singapore.

The “Blum Connect for iPad” app provides retail customers and Blum professionals with extensive information about Blum products, current promotions, latest brochures, memos, videos, newsletters, press releases, photos and prices as well as a list of all certified partners and carpenters.

Blum Connect provides end-users with ideas for innovative hardware solutions for their homes and lets them share these inspirations with their designers and friends via email or Facebook. And sourcing the right interior designer and contractor is easier than ever, thanks to the directory of certified Blum partners and carpenters that is integrated into the app.

Blum Connect makes it extremely convenient for Blum professionals to present products and solutions to their clients as the app provides detailed information on everything Blum: from product introductions to technical details and retail prices. Brochures, memos, newsletters and press editorials can be downloaded for off-line viewing in iBooks, anytime.

The Blum Connect app also includes ‘Tagging’ and ‘What’s New?’ features. Any material found in Blum Connect can be tagged and saved to create a private collection of pictures, videos and other information. To ensure everyone is kept right up to date, ‘What’s New?’ provides users with an overview of material added to the app since their last log-on.

Not only is Blum Connect a visually appealing app, it’s also user-friendly. Menus and actions are ergonomically placed, allowing easy and fast navigation. You can browse images, videos and data simply by swiping a finger over the screen.

Blum is renowned for manufacturing furniture fittings that are both elegant and effortless, and this new app lives up to that tradition. Download Blum Connect for iPad free from the App Store!




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